iPod Speakers

iPod Speakers

!Athena Technologies iVoice Wall Mountable Speaker

Though there’s no question in our minds that the best all-in-one iPod speaker for the dollar is "Altec Lansing’s inMotion iM7":http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/ipod/review/altec-lansing-inmotion-im7-portable-speakers-ipod (iLounge rating: A-) $200 street, sales of Bose’s SoundDock have eclipsed the iM7’s by a wide margin, owing equally to Bose’s marketing strength, the SoundDock’s simple design, and its good-enough-for-most-listeners sound quality. What Athena has done with iVoice is to quite nearly replicate the SoundDock’s sound signature, feature set, and simplicity at a $100 lower price point, adding a few bonuses in the process.

!>http://www.ilounge.com/assets/images/reviews_logic3/istation7/1.jpg!:http://ilounge.com nIf you don't need a full blown system, then the "Logic3 Station 7 docking station":http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/ipod/review/logic3-i-station7-docking-station-for-ipod-with-remote is a good choice for a portable system at $100.

PC Magazine has a slightly different view of the world judging by the "Editors Choice":http://www.pcmag.com/products/0%2C%2Ctqs%3D7A7B5C17A3F83AC04B0D2C848D5BE12F32DC5311%2C00.asp?action=defaultadvancedquery&cid=&sid=1617&gridtitle=Recent+Product+Reviews&googlequery=q%3D%26num%3D10%26mt823%3D21227%26sort%3Decho%26dir%3Ddesc&stpdinglp=1 winners and they appear to do more technical testing, here are their favorites: !>http://common.ziffdavisinternet.com/util_get_image/12/0,1425,i=127093,00.jpg!:http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1927961,00.asp

* "Think Outside BoomTube H2O1 review by PC Magazine Think Outside BoomTube H201 looks like the Apple Hifi, but according to PC Magazine, this $150 portable sounds much better. It is round and has dual subwoofers (if you can call 2.2 inch drivers subwoofers).
* Apple iPod Hi-Fi. Super expensive at $350 so way too much for me.
* "Saitek A-250":http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1927961,00.asp. Super alien design. $130 direct, it sounds OK, with a 3" subwoofer underneath and it connects wirelessly with a proprietary 2.4GHz connection. Not much bass though.
* "Klipsch Pro Media Ultra 2.0":http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1759,1773344,00.asp. Klipsch is a great brand name and it sounds good, but without a subwoofer, its a bit thin at the low end.

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