Apple in Shanghai

Here is where they are in Xujiahui at the Taipingyang Shopping Mall is the Apple outlet on the first floor

Macsimum News – People’s Republic of Mac; The East is Mac

The East is Mac. I’ve yet to see a place on the mainland where the Mac is more felt than in Shanghai. Apple ads take their place in electronic billboards (and by trhat I mean really recent ads as well), while there are about a dozen buildings nearby Huangpi West Road. Meanwhile, we see Apple ads and Apple authorized outlets all over the place at Xujiahui—a tech-hub of sorts. The ubiquity of Apple ads make me feel (from what I’ve seen on Flickr groups) that Shanghai is more Taipei than anything.

Allow me, therefore, to take you on a stroll—in Mac Shanghai. (Note: Two days just wasn’t enough for me—thank heavens I’ll be back in Shanghai in several weeks for another day-long visit, where I’ll explore the rest of the city.)

Hub Xujiahui

Take Shanghai subway line 1 all the way to Xujiahui. That’s it—you’ve reached one of those big Mac hubs in Shanghai. In both buildings that form Taipingyang Shopping Mall, you see an Apple outlet—smack on the first floor. The gang’s all here: Macs, iPod and so on and so forth.

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