NTP Servers


If you have DD-WRT or some other devices that need a time server to get the correct time, “NTP”:http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Servers/WebHome#Browsing_the_Lists can help. There is a list of servers that provide the exact time free for network devices.

If your device can take a DNS name, then the “pool”:http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Servers/NTPPoolServers servers are great since they give you a random selection and you can be pretty sure you’ll have a working server. Fill in _pool.ntp.org_ or if you are in the US, _north-america.pool.ntp.org_

If you need a hard IP address, then you need to use “Stratum 2”:http://ntp.isc.org/bin/view/Servers/StratumTwoTimeServers servers which are for public use. I’ve been using ntp1.sf-bay.org or if you need an IP address.

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