Hilton Beijing

“The Hilton Beijing”:http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/hotels/index.jhtml?ctyhocn=BJSHITW When Natalie booked us, we were a little worried about what this hotel would be like. We’ve stayed at the Grand Hyatt Beijing (amazing but incredibly expensive) and the Kerry Center Hotel (functional, but not pretty). The Hilton Beijing is much closer than both of these hotels to Qinghua and Beijing University and it is amazingly nice having just been renovated. It’s in the northeast on the third ring road.

There is a huge construction project going on right next door, so you really have to make sure to get as high as possible. We were lucky enough to be on the 22nd floor and the jackhammering was tolerable. The concierge level is very good for business meetings although a little cramped. The service is quite good and the folks are attentive, so for instance, when we needed to find a restaurant they were great about finding a great one (The Green Turtle), and when the taxi cab guy didn’t know where it was, the valet called and found out and finally when I left by glasses there, they sent them the next day. Very reasonably priced for a business hotel too.

1 Dong Fang, North Dong Sanhuan Rd, Beijing, China 100027
Tel: +86-010-5865 5000 Fax: +86-010-5865 5800

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