PHP Editors

We’ve had a bunch of build problems with “Qiming Ventures”:, so back to looking at PHP and MovableType scripts. Here are some resources:

* “PHP Editors”: If you can believe it there is an entire website devoted just to PHP editing. They even include a “reviews”: section where the best freeware editor is “PHP Designer”: currently in its 2007version to make us all feel old.
* “Movable Type Tags”: Much of what happens is controlled by a complex tag environment that MovableType creates. I’m constantly wondering what a tag means. Now there is a way to find out easily from Firefox

# # Go to the menu item Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks…
## Create a new bookmark with the following information
* Name: MT Tag Reference
* Location:
* Keyword: mt
* Description: MT tag reference search.
## Type in your address bar (without the quotes): mt entrytitle

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