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Shanghai actually has a reasonable number of high end shops. There is the Trek store near Thumb Plaza and there is also “”: The prices are the same as the U.S. it looks like at least from the site. They have two locations one is in Pudong. The new shop is on Zhang Yang Lu and is supposed to be the biggest in China and just opened October 3.

No.357 Yin Shan Rd (???357?),Pu Dong New District,Shanghai
No. 2068 Zhang Yang Rd (???2068?),at the corner of Nan Yang Jing Rd
Telephone: 021-50751084, Contact Person:Stella
Mail: you mail to us please use @ instead #)
10.00am till 8.00pm every day except
Weekend: 10.00am till 9.00pm

However, “”: points out there is a dealer call “Speed Cat Bicycle”: and they rent for the day for 100 RMB. “”: says that Zhu Wei Du is the owner and he speaks English and is ther ein the evenings. They have nice frames and there are many foreigners there. They have a very active forum site that is pretty interesting, but is mainly in Chinese. Its a tiny shop, but does a good business. Apparently, most titanium frames are actually made in China or Taiwan, so you can get a reasonable frame for 5000 RMB if it is made in China.

Speed Cat Bicycle shop is located at 404 Xiangyang Nan Lu (???????404?).
Tel. : 86-21-64671586
Email :
Website : “”:

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