Both Sony and Apple have updated their lines with some amazingly cool laptops. I’m really drooling over them because they both have the ultra fast core duo. Here are the recommendations:

!!: the big news though is that Apple just updated their Macbook Pro line to have the Intel Core Duo 2 chip on it. This has an amazing 17″ screen, but it does weigh 5 pounds and is big to carry, so it is best if you mainly are just transporting and not O.J’ing through airports. Cost is $2600 academic or $2700 online. Ships with 2GB, Intel Core Duo 2 2.33 GHz, 160GB hard drive and of course runs both Windows and MacOS.

“Sony TX Series”: you really want the most ultra portable, then my old favorite has been the Sony T and now update to the TX line. I’ve had the VGN-T140, VGN-TX650 and the VGN-TX750. They’ve been remarkable good especially because they are light (2.7lb) and have a long running battery and integrated DVD. Their main plus is that the screen is small enough to use in the miniscule coach class on U.S. airlines, but that also means the screen is really too small for everyday use. I only recommend it if you really need something, tiny, tiny. The latest models the VGN-TXN15P/W have switched to using EVDO, so it is faster in the US but actually less useful for international travel where the GSM standard is more prevalent and useful. The -15 lists for $2300 and has 1GB Ram, 80GB hard drive,

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