Chinese English Dictionaries


No one has written the perfect application yet for learning Chinese IMHO. It should have both Chinese, Pinyin and English and you should be able to highlight anything and see the translations. The closest seems to be:

# DictCN. This is a Firefox plug in that really works well for English to Chinese, but seems buggy trying to do Chinese to English. It does have pinyin which is great and it comes up as a tooltip in Firefox, but it isn’t super reliable. Seems to take a while to load properly
# CEDict. This is the actual open source dictionary folks use. “MDBG”: seems to be the best source for the latest cedict.u8 file that applications need.
# “Dimsum”: This is a Java tool that does the same tjhing on your desktop.
# “DLTool” Seems almost perfect, it translates whatever is on the clipboard and is a Windows application. It is buggy though both in displaying characters and it seems to spin sometimes when there is too much stuff on the clipboard.

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