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Beware how you plug in power supplies into your PC motherboard especially PCIe vs CPU 8-pins

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Ok I promised myself I would not build more computer. There is no need. Yet in 2020 I’ve built two and am working on a third. Some important notes. When things don’t power up. Here’s how to figure it out. TL;dr When building a PC, all the connectors are keyed and you can’t possibly plug…

Financial Analysis and great websites

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Well with all the market turmoil, it’s more than important to do the right financial analysis. If you don’t want to pay a lot for it, what are some of the great resources: MarketWatch. I’ve found that they have some great information particularly the quarterly financial data and pretty free. YCharts. The main benefit is…

More Drinks for Work from Home

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I must be getting a little crazy. I’m keep thinking about the cocktail that I’ll have this afternoon. Wow that’s great: Empress 1908. This is a cool gin that changes color when it hits tonic. Pretty neat. Made in Victoria Canada inspired by the Empress Hotel. Pretty cool. $37 from Drizly. Patron Anejo Tequila. This…

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