Changing your primary domain at Gsuite and WordPress

Ok, you have a placeholder name for your startup, but then a brilliant flash and suddenly becomes so how do you make the switch. Well, there are two

Season 1 Episode 3. Getting your startup online

Ok the third major episode. Really a test. A quick 12-minute review of how to get your companies online It’s also on Spotify check us out And then

AWS Route 53 and .AI Domain weirdness

I’ve been slowly moving my organizational stuff to either AWS or Digital Ocean and just had a strange thing. Normally it’s pretty simple. If you have Namecheap, you just to

1Password 7.4.3 on Mac App Store to handle 2FA

I hit this bug at just the wrong time. But with two factor authentication turned on (and you really want 2FA for something like 1Password), I was getting a strange

The Weirdness that is 1Password Family Accounts

If you have a small startup or a family, 1Password is an awesome tool. For $5/month, you get a very secure zero-knowledge system for storing passwords. The main issue is

Readings on Philosophy and other great books

Well if you are on a desert island or recovering from a surgery, what a great time to catch up on reading (or if you are like me, listening to

Transferring domains NameCheap to godaddy

Ok I’ve been buying a bunch of domain names for folks. Namecheap makes it makes it super easy to buy new domains and there are so many new top level

Adding a new site to WordPress Multisite and Gsuite

Ok assuming you have the following stack of providers: Namecheap for registration of your domain name of Digital Ocean for running your droplet with the WordPress installation at

Bluehost email down again

Ok something changed with iOS and MacOS so now with Bluehost mail we are getting all these SSL errors. See for your personal configuration. In looking at the instructions,

Ultimate Home Theater Sound Tests

Ok I don’t really mean sound test. I mean butt rumbling bass. Most of the movies I used to use sound thin theses days like Fifth Element or the Matrix