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Adding streaming to a 4K projector

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Today just about all television have a smart client that is typically Android based, this makes it easy to get the big streaming services without having to add any more boxes. But if you bought a projector that’s barebones many of these do not have anything like that mainly for cost reasons so all you…

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Managing an internal Network 2020

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Well, it does seem like a network at home has gotten really complicated. Our house has over 30 different IP devices alone and trying to manage all of them is definitely not easy. Here are some notes: Moving to Power over Ethernet using 802.11af. Lots of new devices support it, in particular the Unifi collection…

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Keeping up with a sea of Machine Learning research

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Wow, there is just so much going on in technology for Machine Learning from the devops of making it run to the new applications that are shipping to the core research. So how do you keep up? In the past, I’ve mainly used Medium and the Data Science posting plus TWIML as a podcast, but…

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Getting 4K HDR Atmos Content because why not?

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If you spend the dollars on this expensive audio/video then you should make sure to get your money’s worth with content: UHD Bluray. Yes you need a new player for this and these disks are still the highest quality with best uncompressed video. So it is still worthwhile to buy them.Ironically, the best choice is…

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Dealing with Broadband in Seattle and paying $30 to avoid data charges. Argh!

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Well we are unlucky enough to live in a part of Seattle where Comcast has a monopoly. Literally across the street, CenturyLink has gigabit fiber and about a mile away, Wave and Centurylink are duking it out. So there are three problems with getting a great price: Comcast always bundles things and they definitely do…

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The Trials and Tribulations of Windows 10, HDR and Atmos and Zoom

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OK given the pandemic, i”ve been spending alot of time at home. We have a dedicated gaming 4K HDR PC that I’ve used with a 5-channel Corsair Vengeance 1500 for years, but what if we want to make this into a mini home theater and have a dual use as a zoom center. Well, with…

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Smart Scales, Blood Pressure and other connected devices

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Well I’ve had really good luck during this pandemic in connecting all these health devices together, but today, my GreaterGoods Wifi Scale finally broke. It’s always been pretty flaky. The Wifi couldn’t handle special characters and now it won’t connect to Wifi and the iOS application that programs it is definitely busted. Doesn’t even render…

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Ah the joys and horrors of using Windows 10 Driver and shortcut hell

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Man I had forgotten how confusing Windows can be. Having loved windows and then been a Mac user for the last 10 years, I finally have a PC that I use mainly for gaming, but since it has a huge screen, it is also useful for other stuff and heck I’m a curious person. So…

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Advanced vim hacking with neovim, coc, fzf and ripgrep

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This product is so deep that I can’t even say how powerful it is. I’ve actually used the very first version of vi (pronounced “vee-eye”) when Bill Joy did the first cut, Wikipedia says it was in the very first BSD version, but that’s a longer story that doesn’t provide the whole story on how…

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Upgrading your PC and display to a Home Theater

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Well, computers and home theaters have really converged. Since the pandemic, I’ve been using a 55″ OLED television(thank you LG 55B9!) as a computer monitor. It’s awesome to have six (?!) windows open and to be able to write code in all of them. But what if in the evenings, you want to reuse this…

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