Best Shanghai Restaurants


Even six months ago, it was hard to get many English language reviews of Shanghai restaurants, but thanks to blogging, that’s rapidly changing. Here are some sources based on a query of google:”Best Shanghai Restaurants”:

“Frommer’s: Not surprising that this traditional print book has a top listing. Their “best bets”: are some traditional ones including M on the Bund, Three on the Bund. But there are some other good ones like Crystal Jade for Xiao Long Bao ???? One that is particularly good is Lan Na Thai. It is really in an amazing place that is the grounds of the Ruijin Hotel. A great place to wander. Also the La Villa Rouge is really terrific too.

“”: Yahoo is really a user review site. Actually it doesn’t have that much useful information as there are not that many reviewers, but they are right about a few things.

“Bi Feng Tang”:;_ylt=A0Je59q3zgxGxAkATS04FWoL is Cantonese style and is very crowded. The food is quite good and they have restaurants everywhere. It is very Chinese though so there is no English language memo. The one I’ve been too played a great Hong Kong movie with plenty of machine gun fire which is great for

“Tandoor”:;_ylt=A0Je59q3zgxGxAkAWS04FWoL This is quite an authentic Indian restaurant and the belly dancers are worth the price of admission.

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