United Red Carpet Clubs with Showers or Arrival Suites


When you arrive in an overnight, it sure is nice to clean up and feel fresh. Here are the shower facilities as I know them and you can kind of glean things from Skytrax “Lounge reviews”:http://www.airlinequality.com/Product/Lounges.htm

United Red Carpet Clubs in Hong Kong, London Heathrow, Sydney and Tokyo Narita have showers. With first class, you normally get into the red carpet club, so you should be set the Narita showers are in the first class lounge upstairs. Also, ANA at Narita has showers as well in both business and first class lounge areas.

“United Arrival Suites”:https://www.ameniti.com/ameniti/control/RCCArrivalsPbc. If you are First International or full fare business then you can also use the United Arrival Suites. You have to really march to get there early. The San Francisco ones are between the International and United domestic. They are hard to spot, but underground. They are in London-Heathrow, Paris Charles De Gaulle, San Francisco.

As an aside, if you are lucky by 4Q07, United is upgrading their “First Class Suites”:http://www.tw.united.com/core/english/AU/companyinfo/pressroom/releases/2006/december/uk_1212.html which aren’t that competitive with the really high end ones. The new ones are three inches wider (yeah!) and most importantly are fully flat 6′ 6″ beds. The monitor goes from a tiny 4″ to a decent sized 15.4″ and they are finally going to have an video on demand. Most important is that they bag the strange connectors for power and go straight to 110V universal power and even have a USB port so you can charge your iPod. The sad news is that this won’t happen until 4Q07, but at least they are going to upgrade all 97 of ther international planes.

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