Type in a private jet tail number or airline flight number to find out where it is


If you type in any tail number of any private jet from “Landings.com”:http://www.landings.com/_landings/pages/search.html you can search for any N-prefix which are US registered. Then if you type into google, the tail number, you’ll get the “registry.faa.gov”:http://registry.faa.gov site to tell you about the aircraft and then you can use “Flightaware.com”:http://flightaware.com/live/ to tell you live where the aircraft is.

BTW, you can also see any commercial jet too by their “carrier”:http://flightaware.com/live/fleet as well that shows you live where a plane is. So for example, here are where all “United Airlines (UAL):http://flightawar.com/live/fleet/UAL tells you where on a route all United flights are in real time. Amazing.

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