Disc Golf in Seattle

Disc Golf in Seattle

Here are some great things to do if on a rainy day you want to play frisbee (a.k.a. disc golf). Here are some resources:

Places to play. Seattle Parks and Recreation: Mineral Springs Park (formerly North Seattle Park) Mineral Springs Park is home to one of Seattle's two disc golf courses. (It is really a nice park that is right by Northgate. Also close to Northgate Mall so you can go CPK later for pizza or Starbucks for a hot chocolate. It is close by at 1500 N 105th St, Seattle, WA

Another option is "Juel Park":http://www.pdga.com/course/courses_by_city.php?id=1957 in Redmond which is on Avondale road if you are an Eastsider.

You can't really play that effectively with a regular frisbee. You need one of those solid disks that can cut through the brush. If you need those special disc golf things, you can get them at the "Gas Works Kite Shop":http://www.yelp.com/topic/UrORrH32rFaOHa9luvwK1A. They have a great selection. The Aerobie folks have a starter kit that has a driver, a mid-range and a putter. Basically, these are different weights and fly straighter.

Finally, you want a "score sheet":http://albion.sd42.ca/Files%20and%20Pictures/Disc%20Golf%20Scorecard.pdf which is no different from a golf one.

The "rules":http://www.discgolfassoc.com/games.html are pretty intuitive like Ultimate Frisbee. The main lessons are that you can't lean forward. The "plant" foot which is where you put your wieght has to be as close to the font of where the disc landed. The other foot is where you want it but can't be any close than the rear of where the disc landed.

That site also has some great strategy advice that sounds much like regular golf and see "discgolf.com":http://discgolf.com which is filled with tips

* The most important throw is the putt. If you can make a putt from 10 meters out, you'll nearly alway win.
* You typically release 45 degrees away from the target

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