Cool Bikes and wheelsets

I barely have time to ride anymore, but my buddy Mark does and has the coolest bikes:

bq. My next bike. check out the Java Boy bike at “”: These are amazing custom frames

bq. Its not often in the bike industry I am impressed with someone on the > phone. I called this company,
“”: and spoke with the founder of this bike company. It mainly caters to pro racers and triathletes.
The discussion went into how aluminum and graphite can be extruded to tighter tolerances and strenght to weight analysis. The can build the > wheel to your wieght and riding style! Anyway, check it out very impressive.

bq. Tubular wheels, make ALL the difference in Ride quality and comfort. The Cervelo is a climbing machine, the Steelman is a surer ride and awesome descender.

I looked at both sites, the Sy Cip bikes are really great custom made things. The Nimble wheelsets are state of the art wonders. The Spider for instance is 1351 grams per set, so quite light to say the list

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