Professional DV Cameras


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about getting a high definition DV camera. Kenny has some good suggestions on the Sony line. Right now, the Canon HV20 probably makes the most sense, but the big brother or the Sonys mentioned like the HVR A1 are probably best for prosumers if they are really producing high quality audio and want the control versatility. Amazingly, the actual video quality on the HV20 is about the same as the big brothers. All are tape based, so that means its a little bit of a pain to get them into a PC for editing.

bq. Further to your HD video camera blog, I’m about to switch from the Sony HVR
Z1 to the HVR V1 because it is just more versatile and my shooters who are used to the Sony 170 have a lower learning curve. However, for half the price, the HVR A1 is amazing especially if you’re serious about sound quality.