Someone was asking me where the Giant Bike shop is. This from Ken:

There is a Giant shop near Carrefour in Jinqiao. Stella, who speaks English, has procured bikes for a lot of us. Her email and a map are below. She has good Giant bikes on the premises, but you can also obtain others. We had her get titanium frames for us from the same manufacturer that produces for Airborne in the US. Titanium costs more than aluminum, but it is light, strong, and won’t rust. The key is to get good welds and the guys that produce for Airborne do a great job. My partial mountain bike specifications and prices in RmB are below. I had a friend bring a Manitou fork from Taiwan, because she couldn’t get. The rest I just selected from her shop.

Let me know when you are ready for a ride!!!!

??No 357 YinShan Rd ???357??Our open time 10:00-20:00,
xr group:5500
gui seat post:180
rim;MAVIE 317 680
fork: you provided
spokes:black stainless spokes.
spacer:carbon20 alumaium 10
quick release collar:15


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