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Seems like I’m always out and about and with all the traffic these days, I either plop down at Starbucks and spent $3 on a coffee and $10 on wifi or I look for somewhere with free wifi. There are zillion places that have that now. Here are some listings:

“”: has a pretty good listing amnd “WifiMug”: has a good list two particularly the “Neighborhood”: sort and also “I love free wifi”:

Most Tully’s Coffees and Top Pot Doughnuts now :_)

Near 130th Ave N, there are bunch in “Maple Leaf”: and “Greenlake like:

* “Scooter’s Espresso”: 12303 15th Ave N.E. This is just one block south of NE 125th
* “Cloud City Coffee”: at 8801 Roosevelt Way NE. This is a nice roomy place. Very crowded in the morning. The front bar has extensions cords and there is a good strong signal.
* Sunshine Coffee 15550 27Ave NE, Shoreline WA 98155

“In Green Lake”:, which is pretty close…

* Cafe Europa 6560 Latona Ave E
* Revolution Espresso 7012 Woodlawn Ave NE
* Monkey Grind Expresso at 518 N 85th St
* Wayward Coffeehouse 8570 Greenwood Ave N

“In Capital Hill”:, there is

* Aurafice Coffee Bar at 616 East Pine
* Bauhau Books, 301 E Pine
* Perkatory 1400 14th Ave E

On Eastlake, there is

* Le Fournil at 3230 Eastlake Ave E
* Louisa’s Cafe 2379 Eastlake Ave E (good lunches too and it is a little noisy)

In the U-District, Lounjin Cafe 4527 University Way, Pagliacci Pizza at 4529 Univesity

In Madison Park, Essential Bakery

In Fremont, Fremont Coffee

“In Ravenna”:

Espresso Express 6500 16th Ave NE. Great scones by the way and they also have a printer and a computer as well. Also there are power outlets everywhere. Parking is a little tricky as its right on 65th, but very convenient if you are headed to Sand Point.

“In Wedgewood”: there is Grateful Bread

In Madrona, Verite Coffee 1101 34th Ave E

“In Bellevue”: there is the QFC if you can believe that.

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