Mac Book Pro 15″ First Impressions


Well, wandered over to the Apple store. They are an amazing retail experience. I’ve never seen such a crowded store. The people there are amazingly friendly. Ended up buying a Mac Book 15″ with 2.2 GHz and 120GB hard drive. This has the new LED screen that is supposed to be very color accurate. Lots of gnashing, but finally got it in the matte screen and not the glossy. They said matte was better for colors, while the website seems to say glossy is better blacks. Who knows, it is a great screen. It is pretty heavy, but the installation experience is absolutely amazing. It actually lets you take a picture of yourself with the inSight camera. I just love that.

And the other thing is that wifi isn’t some strange mystery. It just seems to work.

In terms of making it work in the Windows world, Rennie and Will both recommend “Parallels”: as the way to run Windows applications. In particularly, I need Outlook to run against Exchange and also Adobe Photoshop CS 2 as well. Its $79 online. Also you’ll need “Bootcamp”: to run Windows natively and eventually I’ll need an upgrade to “Mac OS X Leopard”:htt

Also, I’ll need a nice bag and “”: is great for that.

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