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OK, I just love MP3DirectCut for edtiing MP3s, MP3Tag for editing tags and filenames, ffdshow for codecs galore and DMC for conversions, LAME for MP3 encoding and ExactAudioCopy for CD copying but what are the Mac equivalents. Well, “”: has a good list and their “MP3”: I also checked out “”:

there is of course Audacity for doing editing that is free
MP3 Trimmer lets you edit things directly in MP3 rather than coding to WAV, so it is fast like MP3 Direct Cut
RadioLover cuts an iTunesj radio stream into individual MP3s.
RealPlayer although filled with adware does let you listen to rmvb and rma files on the Mac.

Audioslicer this thing goes though a big MP3 and finds silences, great for albums that have been recorded as one large MP3

“Ipoddisk”: is a tool that lets you copy MP3 froms your Ipod.

“Tritag”: The most like MP3Tag, this lets you create a new filename out of the MP3 ID tags

“Isquint”: tool converts files into the iPod MP4 or H.264 formats.

“iTunes-LAME Encoder”: lets you connect iTunes to use the much better LAME encoder.

:Max”: is a high quality extraction program.

“NMP3 Ripper”: This is another Lame based ripper that has a “Mac Version”:

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