Apple iPhone mobs


Jon tells me that he is in the AT&T Wireless store and they are already sold out of 8GB iPhones. They are only letting 2 people in at a time. The “Apple Store”: now has it, but it is on a 2-4 week delivery. They are $500 for a 4GB and $600 for the 8GB. They have a two year commitment required from AT&T (darn those guys!). If you are an exiting AT&T customer, then it costs just $20/month to add data service and 200 text messages, so that’s actually quite reasonable. The old 3G LU320 phone I had cost $60 for unlimited data and email.

The main thing is that they are activating via the itunes store which is so much better than dealing with the clunky AT&T wireless site. It will be interesting to see how they do the integration with the family plan that I have.

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