iPhone Activation Hack

iPhone Activation Hack

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Magic iTunes numbers:

Offset 2048912: 33C0C3
Offset 257074: 28
Offset 257013: 33C9B1

Add “ albert.apple.com” to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Download "Phone Activation Server v1.0":http://nanocr.eu/wp-content/PhoneActSrv-v1.0.zip to activate your iPhone for iPod+WiFi use. Note that this application will not do anything unless you understand the magic numbers as well as add the hosts entry. Phone Activation Server (PAS) requires that you have the MS .NET Framework 2.0 installed.

Alternate Activation Methods - The iPhone Dev Wiki

These guys are clever and have four ways so far to activate

# 1 Activating an iPhone via AT&T Loophole
# 2 Activating an iPhone using another iPhone when you buy them, another loophole having to do with family plans.
# 3 Activation with a Pre-paid-Plan where you sign up for a GoPhone which is actually quite elegant and a loophole it looks like
# 4 Activation via Jon Lech Johansen’s PAS (Phone Activation Server) with detailed instructions on how to use Ultraedit to hack at itunes.exe