If you are Global Services, you can extend the conversion of Mileage Plus 500-Mile upgrades to bonus miles. They stopped doing this, so losing these upgrades is a pure loss, so go to  loss.http://www.united.com/promoreg?title=Expired+500-Mile+Upgrade:%3Cbr%3EConversion+Registration&pcode=MPP697

Also, there is a new thing to keep track of at “http://united.com/gstracking”:http://united.com/gstracking in addition to EQM (the elite qualifying mileage) and EQS (segments) for getting to 1K traveler status), you also have to keep track fo your full fare miles. These are fares you’ve booked on F, A, P, C, D, Z Y and B classes and if you get more than 50K of these, they say your Global Services status is saved. Confused yet. There are basically two programs, one for getting frequent flyer credits (Premier, Premier Executive, 1K) at 25K, 50K and 100K EQMs respectively and then a separate counter that if how much you paid on a flight that can get to Global Services. Whew, that’s complicated.

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