Now you can read and write NTFS volumes. Mac OSx only allows reading with "NTFS-3G":http://www.ntgs-3g.or

Here are some miore notes:

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The first step is made possible by Google. They created a program called MacFUSE which allows for (oversimplification warning) new file systems to be accessed by a user-space app rather than loading a kernel extension. What you need to do is http://code.google.com/p/macfuse/. There are many FUSE modules out there for various types of file systems, there are far too may to enumerate and I don't know how many are available on OS X.

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NTFS-3G is a FUSE filesystem that implements read/write NTFS volumes. NTFS-3G now works on Macs using MacFUSE. I’ve had a Fink package for NTFS-3g for a while now, but since I’ve had so many people asking about a binary version, I decided to make an Installer package.

This package doesn’t use Fink, but instead requires the MacFUSE Core package from here. Then download the NTFS-3G package and install it. This package contains ntfs-3g 1.710.

To connect to an NTFS volume:

first unmount the NTFS disk if currently mounted read-only (you can use Disk Utility to do this and also to get the partition). Then

mkdir mountpoint
ntfs-3g /dev/diskpartition mountpoint -ovolname="Volume Name"

where mountpoint is directory to mount the disk, diskpartition is the NTFS disk’s partition in /dev and Volume Name is the disk’s volume name.

To disconnect:

umount mountpoint

or eject from the Finder.

See ntfs-3g man page for more options.

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