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“Green Car Co.”: is for those of us who really want to save some energy. Now that the Scion xB is an overweight monster, beside the Prius, what can someone who cars buy?

# “Plug Prius”: For just $10K more, you can buy a plug hybrid. (Wow that’s expensive), but it gives you a 16 mile all electric range and with a simple 110VAC charger its just six hours to recharge overnight when electricity is generated for free basically. Its kind of a hack, you add another lead acid battery pack that transfers into the NiMH batteries onboard.
# “Volkswagon Tdi Biodesel”: Gets 45mpg but you might as well get a Prius then
# “Smart Car”: Only two passengers and it is tiny and gets 50mpg, so not that much more than the diesel.

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