San Juan Tides and Rosario Strait currents


Everyone seems to use Captain Jack’s as their tide table, but as usual, online, there are a zillion resources. “”: seems to have a really great list. BTW, for Tuesday, it shows high tide at 3:52AM at +6.7 feet and a low tide of -1.1 at 11:39AM, so basically in the AM, there is an ebb tide towards the south in Haro Strait and then after 10:32AM, the tide goes north.

For the corresponding currents, “”: shows that Rosario Straits has a maximum current of -2.5 knots ebbing to the south at 10:32AM and that about 2PM, there is a slack and that the maximum flood is at 4:42PM.

I also like “”: which has a nice map of the tides and the stations


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