Blackberry Video


The new Pearl has video and mono sound. The new Curve has video and stereo, so not a bad video device if you can figure out how to encode for it. On the Mac, “”: has a freeware encoder called mencoder and then an automation script that lets you right click on any video and then encode for it. It does encode at 15 fps, so not quite fast and at 230Kbps for video with mpeg4 and 64Kbps MP3 audio.

The instructions are to:

# download “mencoder”:
# download “Automator Workflow”: which you put into the magic directory _/Library/Workflows/Applications/Finder/
# Unzip onto your desktop, start /Applications/Utilities/Terminal and type “cd Desktop” and then “sudo mv mencoder /usr/bin”
# Find an AVI or video file and right click on it, you should see the Atomator Menu and “Encode for Blackberry”

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