First rev of GUI unlock


Here is the first revisions of GUI unlock from “”: and it is a kludge, but what the heck, here are the instructions:

# Make sure you have firmware version 1.0.2 by going to the phone
# See if you have the right modem firmware and seeing if Settings/General/About/Version says 03.14.08_G
# Jailbreak the phone (which means you can install apps on it) by using iBrickr on Windows or the equivalent Mac brea
# Download the files from
# Use iBrickr to upload these files to /Applications/
# Download a new iUnlock from
# You should now see the Unlock icon on your iphone
# Click on it and be patient, it takes 20 minutes (the next version will be 3 minutes, but it will pause at flashing firmware and the percentage bar will hang.
# Hold the Home button and the power button to restart

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