Waiting for Penryn


Intel has been leading on the desktop for a while now and now with the new Barcelona coming out from AMD, it is more equal on the server. So, if you are trying decide whether to buy a notebook or a desktop, what’s the scoop? Is there a new processor refresh around the corent. Here is what the latest smarties at “Infoworld”:http://www.infoworld.com/article/07/09/06/Intel-readies-Penryn_1.html think as of 6 September 2007.

First, there will be a server version of Pneryn by the end of the year, but who knows what happens on the mobile and desktop versions. Most folks expect the first Penryn processors in November, so hold on if you can. What’s the big deal, well, they go from 65nm to just 45nm, so the thing should be cooler and better. The mobile Penryn won’t ship until early next year, so if you are going to buy a notebook, it is a pretty safe time right now because the Santa Rosa chipsets are out and the current Core 2 Duo is going to be around another six months.

There is going to be a low cost chip also called the Silverthorne for budget machines that will come out in 1Q 2008 apparently,. So, the net is that if you are doing a heavy duty high performance desktop, wait for the fall release.

If you have to have a notebook right now, it is OK to buy.

If you want a budget PC and can wait until next year, wait, otherwise, now’s not a bad time since budget PCs really don’t need to be that fast.