DxO 4.5.1 will not display on Mac OS X


!<http://www.dxo.com/design/dxo_int/images/0/pix.png! The latest version of DxO (my favorite image editing tool), won’t display properly on the latest Mac OS X 10.4, it used to work with 4.5, you just have to turn off the GPU Acceleration option. On the Mac, this is in DxO/Preferences

DXO – Simply better images

Since version 4.5, the acceleration function of video cards (Graphical Processor Unit) is used by quick demosaicing algorithms.

This function is optional, it can be activated by checking the “GPU Acceleration” option in the “Edit->Preferences->General” menu.

This function allows faster rendering time.

Please note that not all video cards are able to support this feature. Some video cards do not offer a sufficient level of functionalities for the quick demosaicing algorithms.

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