Converting Sony Hard Disk DCR-SR100 MPGs into MP3s


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We haven’t used our Sony SR-100 in quite a while. It is a hard disk camcorder that records standard definition into MPG (that is MPEG-2 format files). It is actually quite hard to crack this format, so if you have bought Sony Vegas Movie Studio then it is pretty easy, but I keep forgetting how to do it.

Here’s a reminder

# Plug the camcorder into any USB port and select HDD emulation so it appears as a hard disk to Windows
# Copy over the files in the MP directory, where there are a load of .MPG files
# Open up Vegas Movie Studio (or the older Nova Video Explosion or Sonicfoundry Vegas if that is what you have)
# Use the File explorer to find all those .MPG files and double click on them to get them into the timeline
# You probably also want to create a movie, so edit to your hearts content
# When you are ready to take each piece of the soundtrack out (like from a kids concert), click on the audio track so it is highlighted
# Choose Tools/Render in New Track and in the dialog box choose Save Type as _MP3 Audio
# Select Custom (since the default template is 44.1KHz 256Kbps which is a bit much), I normally click VBR and select a quality of 80
# Type in the name of the new track, something like “Concert – 01 – First Song.mp3”