Apple Ultraportable


The rumor is that in January (Christmas just a month late) at Mac Expo, we’ll see the new “ultra-portable”: that I’m already drooling over. The big give is that it won’t have an optical drive. This used to be a big deal for me when I thought I would watch lots of DVDs on airplanes, but lately, almost everything I watch is actually a .avi file and I don’t carry DVDs, so it is probably OK.

The rumor is that it will have a bright LED-based screen like the MacBook Pro that I love but weight half (e.g., more like 2.5-3 pounds vs. 5-6 pounds) and use a 13.3″ screen which is just great. Also it won’t have a hard drive, but use Flash so it should be more reliable and battery life should be amazing.

it’s the machine of dreams. Makes my recommendation for hardware go back to get a monster desktop that you can game and do lots of video editing with 1-2TB of disk and dual core and a ultra-portable for the road trips. Can’t wait!

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