MDX Snow Chains


I got the MDX stuck in the snow. I didn't think it could really happen with a big burly SUV, but that's learning. It was a little bit of a strange situation. Snowing heavily and I tried to park in a spot that had 2" of snow. Got stuck because there was ice under the snow. The biggest benefit is that when 2 wheel drive need to have chains, if you have a 4 wheel drive with snow tires (that is they have to be labeled M&S for mud and snow), you only have to carry chains for one pair of wheels according to "WAC 204-24-050":. . They normally don't have SUVs put them on, but it is a good idea to have them. "": has a great thread on these. First point is that you should get good snow tires (check, the Dunlop M2's are great and "": has them). Then, you should get chains and here is the advice summary:

# Get them on all four wheels if you can. That gives you equal traction. The MDX manual says that if you have two, then put them on the front. The thread says put them on the back, so go figure. If you can afford it it sounds like two pair is the answer
# Because the clearance on the MDX is low, you have to use more specialized chains. "Security Chain": has them. The MDX needs something called SAE Class "S" chains which are low profile. The best ones look like the Z-Chain Stock #ZL671 which are expensive at $130 or so each, but worth it apparently since they won't mar the rims. You can get teh Super Z LT ZT729 which are cheaper but they have a rubber fasteners that can mar your rims. They are big though and flat at 20"x20"x2" so you need something strange to store them. Folks who have them include "Howards":, "":, "West Fleet":, Napa Autoparts, GI Joes if they hae it in stock has them for $125. Right now Vulcan has the ZT729 at $80, but no ZL671s

For the MDX with 235/65-17 tires

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