MacBook Air Reviews

Well, the Macbook Air shipped today and everyone from “Engadget”: and on are running reviews. Not much new to report except that folks love the keyboard, the screen and the thinness and folks really don’t like:

# Battery life is only 2.5 hours. I only get about 2.5 hours with my MacBook Pro, but it is depressingly far away from five hours. My old Sony VAIO 2.5 pounder did a real five hours with a bright screen, but it was minature at 11″ vs 13″ and the processor was mindblowingly slow. Basically enough for one h.264 movie and a little internet browsing.
# The headphone jack is so recessed, you have to start chopping away like the iPhone at your various headphone jacks. I did this for my Etymotic and it is a pain and the USB is so recessed that you can’t fit lots of flash adapters or 3G modem adapters. Sigh.
# The 80GB is slow at 4200 rpm, so folks are saying the 64GB SSD (solid state disk) should be better, but it hasn’t shipped yet so no comparisons.

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