OK, I’ve been printing a bunch of 8×10 photos on Red River Paper for Calvin’s basketball team and it just comes out way too red despite all the color matching. Super frustrating as the profiles for the Canon Photo Pro is perfect out of the box. So it is either time to buy a “Colorvision Printfix Pro”:http://www.luminous-landscape.com/reviews/Printfix%20Pro.shtml and go through all the work to printout and then scan so for every paper it is perfect. Or, I just have to read the directions better.

Part of the problem is that the directions in the box of the 8×10 paper is different from the “Red River”:http://www.redrivercatalog.com/profiles/downloads.htm web site. They are pretty dramatic, I used what was in the box and got way too red. The key parameters are:

Color compensation: Perceptual vs. Relative Colormetric
Paper type: Pro Photo vs. Photo Paper Plus Glossy
Intensity: 0 or -10

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