Whistler Fun Stuff

Beside skiing (did you get your Edge card?), there are an amazing number of fun things to do:

# “Sledding”:http://www.whistler4kids.com/fun_free.html. They actually let you sled down when the lifts are closed. You can get it at Village Hardware Store. Sled at the base of Lorimer Road and then walk across the Bridge.
# “Tubing” is open at 11AM-8PM and is just a short ride up. Edge card holders get a 25% discount
# “Meadow Park Sports Centre”:http://www.findwhistler.com/page.cfm/50. This is a little bit of a drive, about six kilometers, but there is a pool with a river and also public skating 1-3PM.

As an aside, Whistler Village maps are appallingly bad. They don’t list stores, only the big hotels and non of the streets are straight. Only “Findwhistler.com”:http://www.findwhistler.com/whistlermaps/whistler-map2_4-new.cfm has a haveway decent map. Search for a store and then it will zoom in to show you where it is.

Also the list of restaurants and things seems so short and strange, but for decent kid friendly places (re: has simple pastas for those with picky tastes as well as basic chicken and meats), here is a list in rough order of price and fun:

# “Teppan Village”:http://teppanvillage.ca. This is dinner and show. There isn’t pasta, but basic steak, chicken and seafood that is chopped and broiled in front of you. A terrific show and smell. It is always crowded with families as the flare of the grill is incredible and the individual chefs so friendly. In the Hilton at Whistler Village. Expensive for kids, but worth the show.
# “Trattoria di Umberto”:http://www.umberto.com/truck.htm. This is just called the Trattoria in Whistler as there is also an Umbertos. Nearly impossible to find, it is between the Pan Pacific and it is inside the Mountain Lodge by the swimming pool, so just go to the Pan Pacific and look out. It is well prepared rustic italian food. The pasta is fresh and good. The wine list is nice. The main issue is that it is quite expensive, but the gnocchi is amazing.
# “Earl’s”:http://www.earls.ca. Amazingly, this large restaurant chain is actually pretty good. It is expensive, but its strength is that it has a little of every cuisine, so someone can have a Indian curry, while someone else has a steak and another person has linguine with clams. It is across from the Holiday Inn in the village and seems to be perennially popular.

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