Two best iPhone application out there


I completely toasted my iPhone the other day, so I had to do a complete rebuild. This has gotten way easier, here is all you have to do:

# Turn on iTunes, plug in your iPhone and install the latest 1.1.4 release (no more painful going up and down)
# Go to “Ziphone”: and run this, program on your computer. This will jailbreak, activate and unlock your iPhone in a single step!
# Now get the coolest application on earth which is “MobileCast” from Installer, this lets you download podcasts and video podcasts over the air, so you can get just about anything. Try Discovery Video, National Geographic Wild and NPR. To find these URLs for mobilecast, go to iTunes and search for them. Then add them to iTunes, just so you can right click and show description to see the magic URLs. For instance Chinesepod’s is
# Install NativeCN by going to the installer and adding the source and then go to Utilities and find NativeCN 3.10a. Contrary to everything out there, this does work on 1.1.4 and it installs the Japanese input and uses that for Chinese input. Pick input method 3 which is Pinyin and you are set!

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  1. wow, I’m really happy that you think that mobilecast is the “coolest application on earth”. As an FYI its getting cooler, in the latest development release you can stream podcasts (without downloading them) when your on wifi. Were also working on a bunch of web services to simplify the process of finding & adding podcasts.
    You can check out the latest development version (2.2.4) of mobilecast at our googlecode site[1] I would recommend that you try out the latest development snapshot[2]
    best regards,
    –Frank (mobilecast developer).


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