Comment Spam

Well, this affliction is terrible. Even in the last two days, I’ve had one good comment and the spammers found the new WordPress blog and started spamming it. WordPress like MovableType doesn’t have much protection. Here is what I did and you should too: # Registration. Require user registration before a comment goes in. # […]

WordPress Widgets and Archives

OK, unlike MovableType, WordPress doesn’t automatically generate an archive.php (which is a list of all your posts), so for default templates, you get a 404 page not found error. To fix this isn’t easy to figure out, but essentially, go to Write/Write Page and make sure to name the “page” exactly Archives then it will […]

Welcome to the new!

Well, the switch is finally done. I got mainly held up on the WordPress strange rewrite difference from MovableType. If you want to see the old site, it currently lives at “”:, but eventually, I’ll just put all the old files into “”:

Becareful WordPress automatically rewrites domain URLs

So this is all a bit tricky particularly if you want to keep everything running. Here are the weird things you need to remember when transitioning. Some are DNS peculiarities, others are WordPress peculiarities, the biggest one being that WordPress unlike MovableType controls the URL rewriting, so even if you point say “” to the […]

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