Comment Spam

Well, this affliction is terrible. Even in the last two days, I’ve had one good comment and the spammers found the new WordPress blog and started spamming it. WordPress like MovableType doesn’t have much protection. Here is what I did and you should too:

# Registration. Require user registration before a comment goes in.
# Kismet. This does come with the base release and seems to cut some out by looking up spamming addresses
# “WP-Spamfree”: seems to be a top downloaded plugin. It doesn’t use Captcha challenge questions.
# “Recapture”: This one fights user registration spam by requiring you type something in when you register. It uses a set of API keys from “”: which is run by CMU, the originators of Captcha.

Hopefully that will be enough. On my MT blog, I had loads of comment spam and never really got past it. Hopefully it won’t be so bad here.

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