Sun Valley

Sun Valley

I've never been there, but its a fabled mountain. Like most it is really big and it is great to get a "guide": so you don't waste lots of time. The season lasts trhough the third week of April so there is plenty of spring skiing left. Some suggestions from the Ny Times:

Sun Valley Ski Guide - New York Times

BEST MORNING RUN. If workers have groomed Lime Light, which they do about once a week, be at the Challenger Lift by 8:45 a.m. to get first tracks down the 3,100-foot black-to-blue-to-green run. If not, take the same lift, but drop down Ridge, a green run, to the Christmas Lift.BEST AFTERNOON RUN By noon your legs will be simmering in lactic acid, so give them a break on Upper and Lower College, green runs off the Sunnyside Lift ( map), which is sunny indeed.

INSIDER’S TIP After your first run, ride the Challenger Lift up to the Lookout triple chair, where you can drop into Bald Mountain’s bowls of go-where-you-please blue-and-black runs. On windy days head for the protected blue runs off Frenchman’s Lift, where you’ll find quiet lines through the trees.

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