This isn’t as straightforward as it seems, you first have to run Office 2008 uninstall. Then install Office 2004. However, you then have to go to Auto Update as the libraries uses by Office 2008 are newer and you will get the “Error when loading Microsoft Framework Library”: message. You have to update Office 2004 to that latest version. Currently 11.3 so that everything runs. Otherwise, Entourage hangs and Excel throws this error message.

3 responses to “Downgrading from Mac Office 2008 to Office 2004”

  1. Jerzy Avatar

    Thank for the info, but you can run both of these side by side. You do not have to uninstall 2008 before installing (or re-installing) 2004.

    The biggest problem (NOT addressed here) is that the format for Entourage 2008 is different from 2004, and while upgrading TO 2008 is pretty simple, once the change is made, there is no simple way to revert to Entourage 2004 that transfers your saved email, address book, or calendars to the old format.

    1. rich Avatar

      Gooe point jerzy. it is a lot of data duplicated!

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