TomTom POIs

While TomTom has a bunch of these points of interest in their TomTom Home, it takes forever to download them. “TomTom Forums”: makes it way easier, just download the file and then copy the files onto your TomTom into the directory /North America. There should be a .ov2 file and .bmp file for each one as explained in the “guide”:

There are also gigantic sites “listed”: such as “”: that seems to have data everywhere. For instance, here are all the “Starbucks”:

My favorites have to be “US Speed Traps”: and “Red Light Cameras”:

You can also ask for all points of interest in a given “location”: and map, so you can see everything in say Seattle.

Another site is “TomTom POI Forums”: which has other like Wamu locations.

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