!>http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/dayart/20070330/226rest_30_2.jpg! Well, I said you could spend a year exploring downtown Seattle restaurants for lunch. Here’s a sampling of the latest so far in the definitely go there again. As a sampling of where to find reviews, “Gayot.com”:http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/bestof/bestof/seattle.html and The Stranger I’d add to my list. The “Gayot Top 10”:http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/bestof/se_top10foodratings.html is pretty good.

* “Steelhead Diner”:http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/food/309512_rest30.html is right across from Cafe Campagne and it servers some really great and different cuisine. I had gumbo and it was very nice. The chili is hot and don’t think of it as a diner, it has a great view and great good. They hand out Seafood watch, so they care about the environment. Lots of local ingredients and its a family place. Ken Davis is from Louisiana, was executive chef at Arnaud’s there and then was at Sazerac and then Oceanaire. It isn’t just southern, the Black Cod sounds wonderful by the way.
* “Copacabana”:http://www.seattleweekly.com/2006-04-19/food/south-america.php#copacabana. Also at the market and with a nice view over the top. The only Bolivian restaurant in town. Try the Paella, but what I really love are the local cola and the drink from the Amazon. 1520 Pike Pl.
* “Maximilien in the Market”:http://www.maximilienrestaurant.com/reviews/. Nearly impossible to find if you don’t know where it is. (It’s deep inside near the pig). It is a classic French bistro. Try the onion soup or the mussels. They are terrific.
* “Place Pigalle”:http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=9969 is right next to Max’s at the Market. They’ve got a new chef and updated menu. Like Max’s, they have a great view. Food is terrific too. Not as classic a Max’s. But still bistro food.
* “Cafe Campagne”:http://www.gayot.com/restaurantpages/info.php?tag=SERES00174-01&code=SE. This is the downstairs little brother to Campagne’s. Looks like a French bistro. The cassoulet is terrific.
* “Andaluca”:http://www.gayot.com/restaurantpages/info.php?tag=SERES9935&code=SE. The staff here is terrificallly friendly and the tomato bread soup is really good. It is vaguely spanish I would guess, but feels mediterranean I think is the general term.
* “Il Fornaio”:

And here are some places that are on the list to try:

* “Le Pichet”:http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/1/242/Seattle/Downtown-restaurants/Le-Pichet.html. How many French bistro’s are there in downtown Seattle. Its kind of amazing.
* “Metropolitan Grill”:http://themetropolitangrill.com For the day we are so depressed we have to eat a big steak and drink a martini at lunch time 🙂
* “Chocolate Box”:http://sschocolatebox.com Because you can’t live by good alone :_)
* “El Puerco Lioron”:
* “Etta’s”:http://tomdouglas.com/ettas Seafood by the green.
* “Lola”:http://tomdouglas.com/lola Greek food.
* “Palace Kitchen”:http://tomdouglas.com/palace
* “Serious Pie”:http://tomdouglas.com/serious
* “Taste at SAM”:http://tastesam.com. Great cookies!
* “The Triple Door”:http://tripledoor.com
* “Serious Pie”:

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