Had a chance to look at a Snipe. Its a two person 15 1/2 foot long racing sailboat. The class started in 1931 and it is a nice one to race and hang out with. The folks at "Snipe444": are great and there is a "boat": for sale. It is boat 26752, I guess they are all numbered.

Boat #26752
All white with wood trim
Proctor miracle mast
Two mains, three jibs w/full length zipper bags
Pole launcher
Rudder cover
Board cover
Top cover
Very custom galvanized trailer with 12" wheels
Weighs in at exact min. weight

Miracles of the Internet are that you can actually google:"snipe 26752" and learn more about the actual boat and see lots more boats listed in the "Snipe US": classifieds to get a feel for the costs:

| Year | Builder | Price |
| 2004 | Persson | $7900 |
| 2003 | Jibe Tech | $7500 |
| 2002 | Skipper | $6500 |
| 2000 | Jibe Tech | $6500 |
| 1998 | Persson | $5000 |
| 1988 | Phoenix | $4600 |
| 1987 | McLaughlin | $2500 |
| 1982 | Mclaughlin | $1400 |

It is confusing because there are many different makers and you can see the costs differ alot.

The other amazing thing is that boat 26752 has an older listing, so you can see who owned it before and how much was paid

SCIRA: Snipe Used Boat List 2002

#26752 McLaughlin built in 1989. Sailed very little and in excellent condition. Stored for the last 5 years under roof, covered and not sailed. 2 centerboards, brand new seitech dolly, brand new trailer(registered), three suits of sails available, and new cover. Located in Oakland, CA. 925-766-9346 or Asking $3,200.00 willing to deliver down south. April 2002

So $2500 now isn't so bad.

And you can also see its racing results again from various sites in "Willamette in 2003":, "Whiskeytown in 2007":, Columbia Gorge in "2002":

So what is a McLaughlin, well "Mike McLaughlin": wrote a guide in 1994 that helps, he actually built the boat and also made Chubasco and Eclipse. Says that the Chubasco can get soft and overweight. If a boat is more than five pounds overweight then it may be the PVC is absorbing water.