Month: May 2008

Entourage 2008

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Hey maybe this 12.0.1 fix will help with Entourage and the sync issues we’ve been having. The readme certainly gives some hope: Description of the Office 2008 for Mac 12.0.1 Update Reliability is improved when synchronizing with a server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server. This update improves synchronization support for users of Exchange accounts…

USB Flash Drives

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!! It’s shopping day for miscellaneous stuff, so going through flash drives. I’d recommend the PQI i810 or the i220 if you really want small. 2GB is a good size for these little guys to do quick transfers and they fit on a key chain. h2. “USB Flash Drive Reviews”: I just lose these all…

Microfinance Interest Rates

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Brett asked me why are microfinance interest rates so high? Turns out there has been lots of good discussion on this, the first is that “ADB”: says rates at 30%-70% are effectively covering the high operational costs. It takes people to manage these microloans, so the banks don’t operate at a profit in effect, they…

Terabyte Backup Drives

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I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be shopping for four terabyte drives just for backups. Amazing how things have changed. Even more amazing is that it is so easy to fill a terabyte server these days with music, videos and home movies. In any case, if you need a backup for these,…

United Promotions

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Quick reminder, United has double EQM miles if you sign up by April 21. Also, if you use the “Mileage Plus Mall”:http://mponlinemallcom and use it to buy from Apple, you get one mile for each dollar on top of what your credit card gives you. For instance, with “Hertz”: if you use the Mileage Plus…

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