Entourage 2008


Hey maybe this 12.0.1 fix will help with Entourage and the sync issues we've been having. The readme certainly gives some hope:

Description of the Office 2008 for Mac 12.0.1 Update

Reliability is improved when synchronizing with a server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server.
This update improves synchronization support for users of Exchange accounts by reducing instances of duplicate or missing calendar events and by providing more consistency with changes to the calendar on the Exchange server. Additionally, this update fixes an issue that prevents some Entourage 2008 users from synchronizing their contact list together with the Exchange server.
• Stability is improved when synchronizing data with devices and other applications.
This update fixes an issue that causes the Sync Services component to quit unexpectedly while synchronizing calendar and contact information to iCal, to Address Book and to mobile devices that are connected through iSync or iTunes.

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