iPhone 3G Exchange setup

iPhone 3G Exchange setup

Got it! AT&T dropped shipped it. The least painful way in the US anyway to get it. Lines at Apple store are still 3 hours long. Apple is going to sell 3M in a week at this rate. In any case, things that are unclear are how to setup Exchange. It needs yet another site called the Outlook Mobile Access site (aka Active Sync according to "Computer Repair Service":http://computerrepairservice.net/blog/bling-bling-iphone-3gwell-worth-the-wait/

For those you use "Bizatlarge.net":http://bizatlarge.net, this is just

bq. oma.atlarge.net

As reminder, you need login with the user name bizatlarge\_youruserid_._yourcompanyid_

That is how hosted Exchange works. So if your company id that is set when you first create the account is ABC and your user name is, _rich_, then you login with the user name

bq. bizatlarge\rich.abc

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