Sydney is cool

I liked Sydney (maybe because it was actually sunny. 悉尼 Xī ní) in Australia (澳洲 Ào zhōu). So what is a perfect afternoon in Sydney:

# From the airport take the Train to Circular Quay. It is only about 15 minutes and way more interesting than taking a taxi
# Have a lunch at the “MoS Cafe”: You might think this is the usual yucky cafeteria food, but actually it is amazingly good. Try the curry chicken or the basil spaghetti. Then have a really good latte while watching the street scenes
# Find a building a climb it. The Intercontinental has a really great view in its executive club. I like the view form any of the business offices along there. Aurora Place for instance is spectacular. Has a 270 degree view of the harbor
# Have a beer with the mates downstairs. On Friday’s Aussies love to drink. Everyone heads for the bar. At Aurora or in front of Customs House on beside the Sydney Harbor House
# Get an early dinner at the Cafe Sydney in Customs House. Seating is limited and ask for something on the balcony. The 545 seating means you can watch the sunset make the clouds shine
# Visit the scene around the Opera House. We were lucky enought to see Australian Idol performances.
# Take a picture from the Opera House to the Sydney Hardbor Bridge. It is really beautiful
# Enjoy a Speed Cat trip to Manly. Only takes 15 minutes. When you get there, party at the Manly Harbour House
# If you are lucky you are staying there, otherwise, the Intercontinental or the Hyatt at the Rock are amazing. If you have time, enjoy at Vodka at -5C bar which is an ice bar.
# Spend an afternoon at Manly watching folks on the beach. Have a beer at the Manly Bar watching the inner harbour
# Then return via the Speedcat to Sydney.

Looking out from the “Cafe Sydney”: at the Customs House right at the center of Circular Quay at sunset…

Sydney evenings are filled with parties. This one is at the bar right next to the Sydney Opera House.

The sunrise in Manley, you can see Sydney Harbor’s inlet..

Just 20 minutes from the heart of Sydney are some of the most amazing beaches in “Manley”: Surf every morning 🙂

And 200 meters away, just such great beauty

Meanwhile, 30 knot winds are blowing through and the sailing was tremendous in Sydney Harbor




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