Memory Lane


What a trip down memory lane. Walked a few kilometers down Huai Hai Zhong Lu (淮海中路). It is funny how you can remember specific events when you pass certain places…

Huang Pi Nan Lu。Sweating in a suit looking for the City Supermarket so I could make spaghetti dinner. Picking the groceries and dragging them home.

Shanghai old train station. Having ice and red bean on top on a hot day.

Simply Thai. A memorable dinner trying to combine china and the US.

Sephora. Walking thru the store as it has just opened. Wondering how LMVH manages such a global operation.

Sony. Playing with gizmos and gadgets. Televisions are so cool particularly when you hang with a gadget geek.

Gplus. It is still there amazingly. Still bringing in the foreign DJs.

Movie Theater. It’s been two long years but Quantum of Solace is playing now. A great circle of life to watch.