Three days is a quick trip or a life time. Some fast travel notes:

1. Miami lowes. Still haven’t found the perfect hotel here but getting closer. Loews isn’t a hardwar store but a big hotel. During the winter break overrun with families and seniors. Amazing pool and east beach access. I love the plastic cups. Great outside veranda and nice seared tuna (they don’t say ahi here).
2. Miami ritz Carlton. Actually rates are quite reasonable particular with the various Amex discounts. Thank goodness for downturn. Very different crowd. Younger. Great bistro that surprised us with the quality.
3. New York chambers hotel. Been hard to find a reasonable price it good location that is small. The Chambers may be it. Rooms are NYC small but very well done. At 5th and 56th so very centrally located. Can walk just about anywhere. On the F line too at ave of the Americas and 56th. Also get a voucher to NY health and racket club so nicer than those tiny hotel gyms. And ur 2 blocks from central park for the morning run. And who doesn’t love free wifi. Skype rules!

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