Skis. Wonderful skis.

Ok la Nina is coming and even if the kids don’t want to ski much, I sure do. Quick trip to Sturtevants and here r recommendations.
I need a goo all mountain ski and praying for la nina a great powder ski o complement the gotoma and six star I have for mid powder and groomed days…
1. Armada JJ. The ultimate powder skis. Tried them last year. They r well rockered so even though 120 underfoot. It skis so short on the groomed.
2. Watea 84. Had these from before thy got rockered. They didn’t score well but I’ve loved them because they r wood and super flickable on bumps
3. Need to try the Head Rock and roll. Apparently a great all mountain.
From skiing magazine. The magazine is gone but they still do (non numeric) reviews. As a note with rockered skis u need to go 5-7 longer as more of the ski is up in the air. I normally ride 167s on mid fats so that means 175 for me 🙂
1. Blizzard bodacious. 142/118/132. $950. 186 and 196 lengths. Rockered
2. Blizzard chochise. 135/108/123. $900. 177, 185, 193. Ski of the year. All conditions but best in crud and chopped powder. Rockered
3. Nordica Hell & Back. 135/98/125. $900. 161, 169, 177, 185. The new midfats r getting fatter but because they r rockered still good carving. rockered.
And while we r at it if u want to lust some get:
1. Zeal Transcend gps. These r ski goggle with a heads up display showing your vertical, speed, etc. And they r photochromatic. Just $500 for data paradise!

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